ICT Professional Services

We have experience in strategy planning and implementation including system integration, technical lead responsibilities and operations management in the development and maintenance of commercial services. This includes management of the activities of vendors, consultants and internal resources to ensure that various aspects of the technical ecosystems are designed, built and brought online in accordance with appropriate Acceptance Test Plans, proper change controls (MOPs and roll-back plans) and handover procedures to Service Assurance/Operations teams.

Information Security Governance

We have experience in development of dedicated Information Security organizational units and defining the scope and remit of such units in the context of overall organization structure.  This includes policy development, training of staff, technical outfitting of operational and lab areas for specialized purposes including digital forensics, and procurement of tools and ancillary services for the performance of vulnerability analysis and penetration testing.  We have relationships with leading manufacturers to get acquire a wide range network security tools, equipment and systems including; deep pack inspection, network forensics and performance monitoring solutions. Further experience in oversight of Network Architecture review to ensure security, resiliency and redundancy expected of commercial service offerings.

Digital Financial Services (incl. digital currency,mobile money, blockchain)

We can boast to possess the only independent non vendor affiliated digital currency expert in the Caribbean with detailed technical understanding of the technology as well as comprehension of various legal and regulatory aspects of digital currency. This expertise also has bearing on mobile money which exists at the intersection of Finance and Telecommunications encompassing dimensions of technology, policy, regulation and legislation from both of these spheres. Both of these technologies are essential to future payment systems, greater adoption of E-Commerce, cheaper remittances and a host of other benefits.

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  • Provided consultancy to a Caribbean based Fintech startup developing digital currency and mobile money based products. Activities included research and documentation in exploring regulatory accepted vehicles for MNOs to operate in the financial services space and the provision of guidance and advisory in meeting with financial authorities.
  • Provided consultancy to a Caribbean Mobile Network Operator (MNO) entering the DFS area. Activities centered around development of strategy, launch of commercial product, expanding the capabilities of the product and looking beyond the existing product.

Digital Television/Broadcast

Our team has detailed technical comprehension of various IPTV and DVB-T component systems and their interactions, including knowledge of:

  • Video Head End
  • Middleware Environment
  • Video Distribution: Head End, Core & Transport, Access Network
  • Home Area Network
  • RGU management solution
  • QoS/QoE solutions: Video Head End & STB monitoring
  • VoD
  • OSS/BSS integration projects.