Information Security Awareness

Social engineering threats are on the rise and have been responsible for high profile attacks at SONY and ICANN in 2014.  These threats pray on human weaknesses and causes victim to reveal personal information via emails or phone conversations or the victim can be induced into clicking on a malicious link as part of a more elaborate to scheme.  Your users need to know how to recognize these and avoid threats.

Sample Agenda

  • Importance of Information Security
  • Local & Regional Context
  • Why Are There Growing Threats
  • Types of Attackers & Motivations
  • Consequences of Attacks
  • Web Security Essentials
  • Threat & Vulnerabilities
  • Users’ Security Appetite
  • Attack Scenario Analysis
  • Phishing, Spoofing, Vishing, Water Holing, Ransomware, Skimming
  • Resources

  • Executives
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Finance & Legal staff
  • Asset Management group
  • Any personnel who handle:
    • Sensitive information
    • Large financial transactions
    • Customer account verification