Information Security Governance

There are certain aspects of the 2014 Cybercrime bill which organizations need to become knowledgeable of as it places certain responsibilities upon the organization itself and key personnel within to ensure that “due diligence” was carried out to prevent offenses originating from within.  This is but one of the key areas covered in this workshop which is designed to assist organizations create an overarching governance structure as part of an organizational response to growing information security and cyber security threats.

Sample Agenda

  • Importance of Information Security
  • Local & Regional Threats
  • Types of Attackers & Motivations
  • Consequences of Attacks
  • Why Info Sec Governance Required
    • “Due Diligence”
    • Securing People & Process
    • Risk Management
    • Info Sec Policies
    • Audit & Info Sec Mgmt.
    • Org Structure & Behaviour
    • “Illegal Devices” &“Remote Forensic Tools”
  • Threats & Vulnerabilities
  • Phishing, Spoofing, Vishing, Water Holing, Ransomware, Skimming
  • Reports & Stats
  • Local & Regional National Cyber Security Efforts
  • TARGET 2013 Breach Analysis
  • Controls

  • IT Executive/Senior Management
  • IT Management & Professionals
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Audit
  • HR Professionals
  • Legal Officers