Trend Micro Security

Pinaka Technology Solutions joins the family of Trend Micro partners bringing their full suite of products for Security, Cloud and Mobility to the Caribbean.




Trend Micro is a global leader in security software, striving to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Their innovative security solutions for consumers, businesses and governments protect information on mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers and the cloud.

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Kiuwan Software Analytics & Quality Assurance

logo-kiuwan-smallPinaka Technology Solutions is proud to offer in the Caribbean, the software quality assurance tool, Kiuwan. Based on state of the art technology, it is the first real solution to measure analyse your software quality in the cloud. Know the risks, the technical debt, the security flaws, the performance issues… create automatic action plans and analyze their progress. Make better decisions, faster, with Kiuwan Software Analytics!  Learn more via this quick tour.

Kiuwan is a next generation Static Code Management SaaS Solution delivered in the Cloud, that allows continuously measuring, analyzing and improving the quality & security of software systems, providing important benefits to customers IT organizations. Kiuwan supports a broad range of languages and technologies: Objective-C, Java, JSP, JavaScript, PHP, C/C++, ABAP IV, COBOL, JCL, RPG, C#, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Transact-SQL, SQL, VB 6, VB.Net, Android, and Hibernate.

SECURE. You don’t need to share your application’s code if you don’t want.You can run the code analysis on your local machine. Your results are securely uploaded to the cloud. If you decide to upload your code, you can rest assure, we never keep a single line of code after the analysis.

AFFORDABLE. You can start for free. If you need to analyze several applications of different sizes, Kiuwan charges for the number of applications and their sizes, not per user or number of analysis. You can continuously measure and analyze your application for just a few dollars a month.

EASY. Just register, and you will have all the power Kiuwan provides a few clicks away. From the overall health of your application portfolios to the detail of defects found, in an easy to use interface with all the information you need.

FAST. With Kiuwan you are up and running in minutes. No installation, no configuration required. Kiuwan analyzers are one of the fastest out there. You will have tangible and actionable results, indicators, metrics and defects within minutes.


Try Kiuwan out for free and get in contact to book a webdemo to explore this solution further.