Executive Education

Information Security

In the context of the 2017 cybercrime bill, high profile phishing scams, ransomware, SMS scams and laptop spyware headlines we have created two Information Security workshops which we are currently offering to public and private institutions

  • The Information Security Governance workshop underscores the need for Information Security to be examined from an organizational risk management perspective rather than an IT problem.
  • The Information Security Awareness workshop is designed to make users, or the subset within who deal with high value transactions, sensitive data etc., aware of the current threat landscape, and in particular social engineering threats.


Digital Currency & Blockchain

Mr Bissessar has performed M.Sc. thesis level research into the transactions of the popular digital currency Bitcoin at the University College London, UK (2013).

He authored the report, “Opportunities and risks with the advent of digital currency in the Caribbean” (Jan 2016), within a study commissioned by United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

From the deficiencies noted within this study he proposed an intervention to the International Telecommunications Union and served as consultant to the design and execution of  the 3-day workshop “Exploring Innovation in Transactions and Financing in the Caribbean” (Jun 1-3, 2016).

He has designed his own intervention, offering local financial, regulatory, national security and research & innovation authorities a Digital Currency & Blockchain Workshop to assist their understanding of this matter.


regultatory workshop